LED Floating Color Sphere Light Orb - Light and Float

LED Glowing Sphere is here to provide easy ambiance that's sure to be a conversation starter. Each glowing ball has a variety of color changing settings providing your guests with a unique atmosphere. Each globe is waterproof and floats on water which enables you to create a dazzling light effect on your pool, pond, fountain or spa. They can also be used like large floating votive for indoor displays. Don't have the need for lighting a water feature? No problem. The LED sphere sits securely on any flat surface and is safe to use in luminaries, on table tops, as path markers for a party entrance or in any other setting. Each globe charges in about 4-6 hours on the included induction plate. Each charge lasts up to 8 hours. No batteries to change. Various sizes. Offered in deluxe models as well as standard models. The Deluxe model use more LED lights and are much brighter than the standard models.
  • Water resistant - can float on water
  • Wireless infrared remote control for color changing light show
  • Includes induction charging plate
  • 8 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Deluxe version has more LED lights that are brighter than standard version
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